Arpeggios have inconsistent speed

• Oct 29, 2021 - 10:51

When adding an arpeggio to a half-note (this:)
, the arpeggio lasts longer than when adding an arpeggio to an eight note tied to a longer note value:
Here, the arpeggio gets sped up drastically.
I understand how this could have happened, but in my opinion it should be fixed.

When playing tied notes (when playing a real instrument), the tied notes should be treated as ONE duration. Thus, the duration of the first note of the tie-bundle does not have any impact on playing techniques. Yet in Musescore it currently does.

Score for demonstration:

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Depending on your use case...

The behavior of arpeggios that you describe was formerly utilized as a means of tweaking the 'speed ' of the arpeggio for the sound of, for instance, a guitarist 'strumming a chord accompaniment (very quick arpeggios) as compared to playing a more drawn out arpeggio as, for instance a final chord flourish at the end of a song.

Nowadays, there is a stretch control in the Inspector which can adjust the arpeggio speed. This may be what you can use for the arpeggio playback.
See this example:

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