can't transcribe a song into MuseScore

• Oct 31, 2021 - 11:55

I'm trying to enter the 12th measure of the attached song (firth measure 12.jpg). However, when I try to enter it, I end up with 2 sixteenth note rests and one eighth note rest. However, I am expecting only 2 sixteenth note rests. The bass staff looks to work ok. Not sure why I'm having trouble with top staff


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Make sure the existing triplet is based on a 8th (delete it, select the first rest, press 4, then Ctrl+3, then do the same with again for the 2nd triplet, then add the last 8th.

Maybe better if you share the score

Your picture looks fine, you just need to keep going. You have an four sixteenth worth of rests remaining to fill, and four sixteenth worth of notes left to enter - a sixteenth note triplet and an eighth note. The triplet will take up the first two, the eighth will take the last. But you'll probably also want to go in to the time signature properties for the 15/16 to make the beaming match.

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Better to delete the errant triplet and enter it correct to begin with - it should have been entered starting where the first sixteenth test. So hit undo a few times to get rid of the errant triplet, then enter it correctly starting in the sixteenth test - 4 Ctrl+3 while in note input mode.

You might also be able to copy and paste the tuplet to its proper time position, but copy and paste of tippets can be tricky and error prone, so I’d recommend just redoing it correctly to begin with.

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I got it now. Thanks for everyone's help.

Being particular now, but is there a way to make the piece visually the same as my original? The notes are accurate, but the piano player in me would appreciate it and was hoping it is possible to make the transcription look just like the original.

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