Adding more notes on new lines

• Nov 14, 2021 - 20:20

Can someone explain how on earth we are supposed to add more notes on new lines? I'm not talking about the symbols or any other weird shit literally just LINES. I have 3 lines with 15 notes on each. I want to add more notes that also has 15 notes on it too. How do I do that?


What do you mean by "line"? Do you mean a continuation of a piece by adding measures or adding another instrument bellow existing ones? Posting your score would help.

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Unfortunately, music isn't English, and there are multiple meanings of "line" here. Each staff has five lines, for instance. A "grand staff" for piano has two staves, each of five lines. If your music is for piano plus voice, there is a third staff for that part. The three staves together make up a system.. A system is read left to right, then continues below in the next system.

So probably you are referring to a system - you want more measures after whatever you have. But you might also have meant, you want to add more staves to your current system, like to add a second voice part or a flute or whatever. Or maybe you're writing for guitar and you want a six-line staff instead of five.

Anyhow, to get more systems, simply add more measures (via the Add menu). The music automatically wraps around to create new systems as needed. Just as in a word processor, words wrap onto a new "line" automatically as soon as you have too many words for the current line.

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The differences between British and American English can indeed be frustrating when discussing musical terms. I hope that this diagram helps a bit?

GB English v. US English.png

You will not find the word "line" anywhere on this diagram:
stave or staff refers to one specific part (voice or instrument) - here 4 in lime green, for SATB
system refers to one line of music for all the voices and instruments - 1 outlined in yellow

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