Musescore not saving position of measure numbers

• Nov 20, 2021 - 02:49

Hi all, when I'm getting ready to publish a piece I go through and manually adjust any measure numbers that collide with components. But if I close and reopen my score, despite saving it before closing none of my adjustments have been saved. Very frustrating. Is this a bug or is there a workaround?


I can't reproduce - works fine for me. In order for us to be able to investigate, we'd need you to attach your score and give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Also say what version of MuseScore, and what OS.

Here is one of the scores in question. I have Windows 10, MS version 3.6.

I just went through and adjusted the measure numbers that had collisions, such as 41 and 43. I used keyboard shortcuts to adjust them rather than the Inspector. Then I saved and closed the file, and reopened it. The measure numbers are now back to their default positions.

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It looks OK to me. No collisions with measure numbers 41 or 43. When I look in the inspector they both have Y offsets of -2.83 sp. Other measure numbers have the style default offset of -2.00 sp. What values of offsets did you apply and what do you see in the inspector after saving and reloading?

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Another fair question. I just carefully went through and made sure I was opening/saving to the right file, and got the same result. The file shows the correct time and date for "last edited."

I wonder if I should just update MuseScore, see if that fixes it? Apparently I have 3.6.0 when the current version is 3.6.2, I didn't realize mine was out of date.

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