Lost changes in score with unrolled repeats

• Nov 28, 2021 - 16:59
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All that I wrote for the Saxophones got lost when I opened up the application a few hours after closing it. The score was back to how it was before I unrolled the repeats. I have found no way to get back what I wrote and I can't find any copies.

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Of course, you always need to save your work if you want to view it again after closing it - in MuseScore or any other program. You don't say if you saved it or not, or what filename you gave it if you did save it. But there is indeed an issue where if you neglect to choose a filename (eg, via Save As) after an unroll, MuseScore will not always succeed in the save, and in certain cases (apparently on macOS only?) may not even warn you you the save failed. Probably the first try at saving should automatically do a Save As, just as if you had created a new score. But for now, indeed, always "Save As" explicitly after unroll. See #289758: Save error with unrolled repeat version of score for more info.

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Jojo wrote Workaround would be to use "Save as".

If you've used File>Parts to generate parts, use Save As from the main score to save the entire score. If you invoke Save As from a Part MuseScore will save the Part alone to a new score.

I wish MuseScore would offer a warning on this:

• "You are saving only this Part to a new Score. That always occurs when invoking Save As. To apply Save As to the whole score, return to score view first."

-- or --

• post a dialog that offers a choice a) Save As (Part only) b) Save As (Entire score)