Problem with instruments not playing

• Dec 6, 2021 - 15:02
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S4 - Minor

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open up Musescore

  2. Create a new score

  3. Add instrument (any) so that you have more than one instrument in your score.

  4. Switch between the instruments and try to play each one (for example with the built in piano keyboard in musescore), not in the note adding mode but in the normal mode. The sound doesn't switch to the instrument I'm currently on and it just stays as the first instrument in the score. I can get the instrument to play if I ctrl + c any note in that instruments line but without that it doesn't play the instrument I want.

The note adding mode works fine.


Status active needs info

In order to understand and assist, we'd need you to attach the specific score and tell u which what specific you are selecting to tell MuseScore which instrument you want to play. Normally the keyboard does play whichever instrument you have selected.

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I now attached a score that has the problem but it's really every single score I have. It seems to me that it for some reason only plays the first instrument in the score and stays at that even though you have selected a different one. I have a midi keyboard and that has the same problem. When I have the musescore keyboard open it shows that the midi keyboard is working because the keys turn blue but any notes aren't playing. Also the note adding works correctly so that tells me it isn't a problem with that.

I also noticed that when I first open up the score and try to click on any instrument, no sound comes out at all. It's when I go to add some notes for example on the first instrument (highest up) after which only that instruments sound is produced.

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Score got created, or at least last saved with MuseScore 3.3.4. We're a 3.6.2 meanwhile, so by all means do update to that.
However: that score is entirely empty, not a single note, so what would you expect to play?

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I updated but still the same issue. Obviously nothing should play if I press space in a entirely empty score but that's not what I'm talking about. My problem is that I can't hear the instrument I want when I'm not adding notes. If the first instrument is a piano and I press the keys on a midi or the built in keyboard (without adding notes) it only plays the piano sound, no matter what instrument I'm currently on.

If I start note entry on any of the staves, the notes I do enter sound exactly like they should, like the instrument I'm entering notes on.
Outside note entry, selecting existing (!) notes, also sound like they should
Outside of note entry pressing keys on the virtual keyboard sound like the top instrument, if nothing is selected, like the selected instrument otherwise. I don't have a MIDI keyboard, so can't test, but would assume it to behave the same

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Yes but the problem I have is that outside note entry even though I have selected a different instrument to the top one, still the top one plays. I click for example the rest line of a flute (or a note it doesn't matter) outside note entry mode but the top instruments sound is what I hear when I play notes on the keyboard. Note adding mode works fine and yes I do hear the correct instruments note when I click the note with my mouse cursor.

Severity S3 - Major S4 - Minor

I still can't reproduce (nor fully understand) this, but fail to see how this might be seen as a Critical or Major issue

Status needs info active
Workaround No Yes

Actually can reproduce, even with the virtual keyboard.
Workaround: select a measure, not a note or rest