How to copy measures to all instruments in score (and transpose simultaneously)?

• Dec 7, 2021 - 15:41

How do I take this part I have written on the Piccolo line and copy it to all instruments and transpose simultaneously? Thank you!

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The paste would do the transpose on the fly (for transposing instruments. But there's no way to fill all instruments with just one paste

Actually, it is possible to reduce the work there - select all staves, then Tools / Explode. You'll need to change octaves manually of course; most instruments can't play as high as piccolo!

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Hmm, it could be that you actually didn't set up your score properly, and that's why it appeared to work. Like you might have the wrong clefs or the wrong transpositions set. Because certainly explode from a piccolo part should have resulted in crazy ledger lines for, for, trombones or cellos. Unless you only had other treble instruments. Best to attach your score so we can make sure there isn't something set up wrong now that will lead to trouble down the road that would require you to need to redo a lot of work.

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