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• Dec 9, 2021 - 07:47

Hi all,
the image capture.jpg shows the system as it looks on the score, whereas capture2.jpg shows the equivalent system in MuS.
I'm trying to write on MuS the tuplet as on the original, so I highlight the target bar and type control-2.
The issue is that while on the original the resulting notes are quarter notes, on MuS they are eighth notes.
Any help? thanks,

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MuseScore doesn't handle well tuplets in uncommon time signatures. My best suggestion is create two tuplets in separate Voices and make the unwanted elements invisible.

Voice 1 - select the whole-bar rest and create a doublet ([Ctrl] 2). Make the rests invisible.

Voice 2 - select the whole-bar rest and make a quadruplet ([Ctrl] 4). Select the first quarter rest, press 5 to choose whole-note duration, press 0 for a rest and then enter the chord. Make the quad bracket invisible.

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Thanks very much. Very, very interesting to me what you're proposing with this score which solicit me to ask many questions: how did you proceed to obtain those results, is there a place where I can learn, what account for the different acoustic output from those, for instance, in measures 3 and 10 ? etc.etc

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Section C (bottom line, measures 7 thru 10):

m7 Place three quarter notes of the correct pitch

m8 Click on each whole note in turn and use [Ctrl]3 (or select from Add >Tuplet menu) to make three groups of triplets.

m9 Click on the first note of the first triplet and press 5 . (dot) or click whole note on the toolbar and click on the augmentation dot. Repeat for the first note of each of the other triplets. Now you have converted the triplet eighth notes into three dotted whole notes but each is in the space of a normal whole note.

m10 Convert those dotted whole notes into tremolos. The one slash indicates that MuseScore will use eighth notes as the basis for the tremolo. Since you get three eighth notes per dotted whole note you now effectively have three triplets again but with only one stem each.

Tidying up: Via Inspector, specify "None" for bracket type for the tuplets. Move the tremolo slashes up a touch (Y offset -0.75). Move the 3s into position. Make the dots invisible. Add accents.

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