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• Nov 3, 2009 - 17:36

I'm using version 0.9.5 on a MacBook.

I've finished my score for 4 parts a cappella that's about 20 pages long, and I'm having trouble printing it. When I go to Print Preview, only the top inch or two of the score on each page appears at the very bottom, and the rest of the page is blank. The rest of the score on each page is cut off.

I've tried everything on Preferences, Page Settings under Layout, and everything I could think of, but it doesn't change anything.

Could I have some error in my lyrics or something? Because I'm using different fonts for my solo and the 4 parts.

I'm in a hurry to print my score, so it'd be great if this could be solved soon.


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That's odd. I got MuseScore on my Windows XP and tried it there. It worked fine. The Mac version's still not right. I guess the problem's not solved, but I'm not stuck anymore. Thanks for the help.

I also tried "Either Way" posted up above and got the same result... tried to attach the PDF but it came out 2.5MB which is larger than the maximum attachment allowed.

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Okay, this is far more steps than I care for, but at least it works.

First of all, trying to save directly as a PDF gave me a full page, but all of the notes appeared as squares instead of note heads (meaning, I assume, that somehow the font got messed up).

So, I went to Save a Copy and saved as a PNG file and was able to save it as a properly-formatted PDF from the print dialog of that.

I hope this works for others!

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Thanks for your quick response. I have version 0.9.5 on the Mac. Saving to PDF directly I have the same problem with the page formats. I found the other png pages now, but the problem still exists. I installed the prerelease and saving to PDF works on that. Thanks for all your help! Happy New Year!

I have the same problem in which I get partial staves printing out while the rest of each page is blank. Have saved them finally to .pdf's in order to view the score correctly but it has been more than a hassle. Am running Mac OS 10.5.8.

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I am running Mac OS X 10.6.2 and see these same problems whenever I use the Print command. About 8 inches of extra vertical white space appears at the top of each page.
This is true in both 0.9.5 and 0.9.6 beta 2674.
The idea of doing a Save-As to a pdf file does seem to work.
Also, the little preview box that shows when you do a Layout/PageSettings looks just right.
The problem seems to be only Mac OS X and only with the Print command.

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One more detail in response to David's question: The printing error happened identically on an HP LaserJet, on a Xerox Phaser, and on a "Generic Postscript" printer. So the specific printer and its software driver seem not to be the issue.

I would be interested, actually, if anyone does have the Mac OS X version of MuseScore successfully printing.

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Macbook MacOSX 10.5.7 Can't even Preview or save as pdf on 0.9.5 or the new 0.9.6. I've created my score and now I go to choose print-save as pdf and nothing happens. Hopefully this can get solved asap. Thanks.

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Ok. Save as pdf works under the file menu but not under the print menu. Preview does not work under print menu either. I am very happy that i can actually print my score after saving it as a pdf though. That's all I want to do. Thanks! Woo Hoo! :-)

I have no printer hooked up to my Macbook but the "Preview" function and "Save as PDF" should still work when I choose Print>PDF or Print>Preview under the File menu. Preview and "Save as PDF" works with other programs without a printer hooked up. ie: Text Edit, etc.

Again, I can "Save as PDF" under the menu File>Save as.... That works.

Thanks! I love MuseScore so far...

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The menus aren't grayed out. It let's me choose File>Print>Preview but when I click on Preview the menu closes normally like it's going to show me the Preview but nothing happens and the Preview program never opens. Also, when I click File>Print>Save as PDF, it takes me to through the options of where to save the PDF to File and what to name it, which I choose, and go through all that but then when I actually click "Save" the menu closes like it saved it but it doesn't save it anywhere. Thanks.

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At least in my case (MaxOS X 10.6.2 running the 2-Mar-10 version of 0.9.6 beta 2), when I use the Print command to build a pdf file, iit produces a pdf file, but one that adds several inches of white space at the top of the page. So, for example, in a file that should have four systems of music, I get a pdf file like the one attached.
I can circumvent by doing a "save as" and specifying pdf format. That works very well.
So, the bug is probably very simple, but seems to have been present for several months.
I fear it's inhibiting adoption in the Mac world.
-- Guy

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Venite Exultemus-bug.pdf 66.32 KB

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Yes. And I've been able to reproduce this problem with three different printers:
<> an HP 2015dn
<> a Xerox Phaser 8560DN-10
<> a "Generic Postscript" printer used just to produce pdf files.
The problem occurs identically in all three contexts.

Again, if I do a "save-as" to a pdf file, that works fine. But if I use the Print command (to either print onto paper or to produce a pdf file or to use the Preview function), it fails in just the manner showed in the Venite example I posted earlier today.

Any help here would be very much appreciated.
-- Guy

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I'm becoming convinced that this is score-dependent.
Once again, the context is MacOS X 10.6.2, with MuseScore 9.6 beta 2.
When I start MuseScore fresh, then open Venite Exultemus.mscz, I consistently get the problem. Note that this is a tiny input file. When I do a save-as to pdf, it works fine. I attach the .mscz file, the good save-as pdf, and the buggy print pdf below.
Interestingly, when I start MuseScore fresh, then open promenade.mscz, the problem does not occur.
Further, once I have started MuseScore fresh and opened promenade, I can then open Venite and the problem does *not* appear. Very odd.
Can you see this behavior on your system?
-- Guy

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Very odd.
I just checked again here.
I opened MuseScore empty, opened Venite, file/Print/preview, and the bug appears.
Then I quit it all.
Then I opened MuseScore empty, opened Promenade, file/Print/preview, and things look good.
Then, I also open Venite, file/Print/preview, and things again look good.

A delicate bug.
And here's another twist: I open MuseScore empty, open Venite, file/Print/preview, and the bug appears.
Then I open Promenade, file/Print/preview, and the bug also appears.
Then I close Venite and quit.
Then I restart MuseScore (configured to resume the previous session, so it re-opens Promenade). File/print/preview and things look good.

Eureka! I duplicated the steps that galms posted above about when it did and didn't appear "buggy" and got the exact same results. If the very first thing I do is start with the Promenade (even if I get a blank sheet when the program first opens), everything I do after that will be fine. If I start with anything else, no matter how many times I open and close the Promenade, I get the buggy results.

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I have been testing the printing issues trying to find instances where printing does and doesn't work:
I am on MacOS X 10.6.2
using a current MuseScore build from SVN
default or selected printer driver seemed to have no effect in my tests.

These tests were performed with Promenade opening when MuseScore opened.

I found that if I opened the print dialog (simply selecting File->Print then cancel) before changing "page layout" (promenade is A4 measured in mm, and I prefer Letter and inches) printing worked as expected, but if I changed the page layout before opening the print dialog, my previews and printed pages had the extra huge top margin.

File->Save as (type PDF) always created the expected output, even when File->Print was "messed up"


I have had this problem with printing and I have found a possible answer. I use an iMac running OS10.6.4.

I created 4 single page scores. The first 3 all printed as expected to paper, to preview and to .pdf. The fourth produced only a blank page with the score's title. I ran a test.

I opened and printed File No 4 and it produced only a blank page; thereafter the other scores also produced blank pages. I restarted MuseScore and opened and printed the first three files. All was normal (print to paper, print to preview, print to pdf). When I tried to print File No 4, again it produced a blank page. From the file menu, I clicked 'Layout: Page Settings' and saw that the page was set to 'custom' instead of the A4 which had always been the preferred page setting. I reset this to A4 and saved the file. I restarted MuseScore and opened and printed File No 4. It behaved correctly. I've played around with the files and File No 4 still seems to be behaving correctly.

It appears that something reset the page layout and this confused the print command.

BTW, when I couldn't print File No 4, I could 'Save As' in .pdf format and that worked perfectly.

Am going to post this a few times, my apologies for the repetition!

I'm having the problem with blank PDFs on A3-sized paper.

Have written a piece for a composition competition, but have to go to a printer for the scores. The printer needs PDF files, and mine are all blank.

The deadline to mail the scores is this Monday, Oct 31 2011...

Would anyone out there be willing and able to convert the scores for me? I'm thinking it would work to send the .mscz files to someone, have them 'saved as' PDF and then sent back?

Is that possible?

Thanks, MS Community!


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