plug in for | ta ta | ti ti ta | ti ti ti ti | on notes.

• Jan 14, 2022 - 02:39

Just wondering if we have a plug in for this feature?


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The Kodály Method uses "Ta" for quarter notes and the Solfage system
Yes, you're right. I know the title of what I'm thinking of now. thanks.
Thansk for the Wikipedia link. I didn't know there were that many. lol.
I htink I'll stay with the number system 1 & 2 & a etc.

I was hoping I could readjust a plug in to make this happen.

if you seek one of the few indian, oriental music discussion groups here you find many scores that use a tabla drum notation very similar, you can adjust them to your like, copy and paste...

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Michelle, the overall word to google search with would be “Tala” and “Tabla” there should be plenty apps in the play stores. Syllables are not only used for the complex rhythm patterns but also with their coordination for dance steps ( many utubes search Bharata Natyam) and also for metersin letter combinations, syllables in poetical expressions in Sanskrit. In the 12th century AD Indian music scripture “Sangita Ratnakara” this chapter on Tala is the only one that had not been translated yet, although promised for publication for a long time. It gives a philosophical background.
For other questions phps see my recent comment on similar artifacts…
and the many other links for 147.KFM given at the msc discussion group.

Msc discussion groups that may eventually deal with the subject alone if asked might be
Indian classical music
Oriental/Indian Music
phps new ones?

In Indian music this is known as "konnakol," by the way. (The generic term for systems like these--TaKaDiMi, the Kodaly syllables, the Gordon ones, etc--is "rhythmic solmization.") There's another term, "solkattu," that embraces both konnakol and the counting of "tala" with hand movements.

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