Measure numbers colliding with slurs

• Jan 25, 2022 - 10:08

When measures are continuously numbered, they frequently collide with slurs/ties, which looks pretty bad:


(I gather that in the autoplace algorithm, measure numbers don't move, just other text, etc. tries to avoid colliding.)

If I turn measure numbers off and add rehearsal marks in the "Bar Number" style, I get a more pleasing result, where the colliding text automatically moves to avoid the slur:


(Moving the bar numbers seems to be typical in published musical theatre charts, where continuous numbering is common.)

Is there any way to achieve such a result without going and replacing all the measure numbers with "rehearsal marks"? If not, would this be a worthwhile feature? – I could try implement this in a PR.


You can move an individual bar number by selecting it, then changing the Y offset in the Inspector. You can do the same with several numbers at once if you use Ctrl+select. This may save you some time - it's not ideal, though.

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