Alignment For Time Signatures With Different Bottom Values

• Jan 27, 2022 - 15:52

I have a piece that requires the time signature 3/4 + 3/16. Setting the time signature to 15/16 and then changing what Musescore display works with no issues. However, I would like for the + symbols to be aligned, and this isn't possible due to the top being 3+3 (3 characters) and the bottom being 4+16 (4 characters). Is there anyway to override the alignment of the top and bottom of time signatures? The custom time signature prompt ignores spaces. Hopefully I explained this well enough, I've attached a picture below.


Your explanation is clear, but I can't think of any good solutions, just awkward workarounds. Like hiding the time signature but adding text elements you position manually, and using the time signature symbols from the Special Characters palette.

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