Dynamics Onlyh atacched to one note

• Jan 27, 2022 - 19:01

I'm making a score for the first time, and i want to add dynamics. The problem is that i could only add the dynamic to one note, but i want to add it to several compasses. I tried select all of them and then add the dynamic, but it added a notation for every single note. How can i add a dynamic, and make it last for all the score (at least, a great part of it), without having this issue?


A dynamic remains in force until the next one or until there is a crescendo or diminuendo. That is how music notation works and how MuaeScore works. So if you add a dynamic to the first note, no others are needed unless you want to make a later passage louder or softer. If you don't add any dynamic MuseScore assumes there is mezzo forte on the first note.

Sounds like you must have selected the entire measure. Don't do that; just select the first note of each measure. Eg, click the top staff first note, Shift+click bottom staff first note. Although, unpected things may happen if the durations don't all match. You'll need to work in groups in that case. A nice trick for the future - enter the dynamics before the notes in this case, so all measures just have the default measure rest.

Another useful technique is to define a shortcut (in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts) for the Apply Current Palette Element command. Then you can easily add a dynamic multiple times with just a keystroke.

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