Lyric hyphens disappear when navigating using arrow keys

• Nov 4, 2009 - 15:58
S4 - Minor
  1. Open adeste demo
  2. Double click on a lyric syllable
  3. Repeated press a left or right arrow key

Expected behavior: Cursor should move between syllables without changing the actual text

Actual behavior: Switching syllables with the arrow key removes lyric hyphens.

(Tested using self-built r. 2300, Windows XP)


Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in r2632
To make it clear:

  • Left and Right arrows move the cursor in the text and at the end/beginning of the frame go to the next/previous lyrics frame. They should not change the syllabic.
  • Space and Shift+Space navigate forward and backward across the lyric frames. It doesn't matter where the cursor is. They change the syllabic = remove hyphens
  • - acts as space but add a hyphen after the lyric frame.

Is that ok?