Cannot delete a soundfont from a score

• Feb 9, 2022 - 22:27

Reporting a problem with soundfonts (sf2)

OS: KDE Flatpak runtime, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 3.6.2, revision: github-musescore-musescore-

If I add a soundfont to a score, and then attempt to remove it, the soundfont stays in the list no matter what I do.

Procedure: view/Synthesizer, Fluid tab, select soundfont, click "remove", hit escape, save score.
Tried "save to score" after remove also, selecting one of the fonts I want to keep.

If I then save the score and exit, then go back in, the deleted soundfont is still there. Also, the deleted soundfonts are never the default soundfont.


I'm not sure I follow, but it seems you might be confused about something. Soundfonts are not actually saved to the score - they are global to the program. When you load a soundfont, it becomes available to all scores, including ones created years ago or scores created tomorrow. When you remove a soundfont, it's no longer available to any scores.

The only thing the "save to score" button does is record a ist of which soundfonts were loaded at the time, so that later on, if you load that score at a time when different soundfonts are loaded, you can hit "load from score", and MuseScore will attempts to reload those same same soundfonts.

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From the handbook:
To remove a soundfont

Click on the name of the soundfont
Click on the Delete button.

EDIT: This [does NOT] removes the soundfont from the synthesizer but does not uninstall it from the Soundfonts folder: it will still be available if you wish to reload it later.

I suspect this is a bug, because, again, they are all still shown in the list next time I open MuseScore.

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The soundfont is removed from the list for the duration of the current session. If you want the currently-loaded soundfonts to be ones loaded the next time you open MuseScore, simply press "Set as default" after making your adjustments. The idea is to allow you to experiment with soundfonts within a given session but not commit to the results as your new defaults until you are ready.

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...the organ pieces should play from the organ font, and the rest should play from the GM font.

OK, say you prefer a special organ font (e.g., 'Wurlitzer') over MuseScore General.sf3 (which already appears in the synthesizer). Load that 'Wurlitzer' font into the synthesizer and, in the 'Mixer', set the score's organ 'Sound' to 'Wurlitzer'. You should hear the 'Wurlitzer' play your score. Then, in the Synthesizer, clicking 'Save to Score', will remember the 'Wurlitzer'.
Now, with MuseScore's GM font and your special 'Wurlitzer' loaded in the Synthesizer, click 'Set as Default' so every time you open MuseScore, those 2 soundfonts will be available without doing anything. This way when you open a 'Wurlitzer' score, the 'Wurlitzer' organ is available. Other scores which need the MuseScore General.sf3 (GM) will also find their correct instrument sounds.

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As I explained, most users don't want to have to wait several seconds to a minute or more every time they load a score or change tabs, that's why it doesn't happen by default. Nothing ridiculous about wanting MuseScore to respond quickly, it's common sense really. But indeed, for a few very special circumstances like yours, it could nevertheless make sense to have the slowness happen automatically rather than on demand. The place to initial request additional features - like an option to force soundfonts to be reloaded every time you load a score or change tabs - the Feature Request forum. If a consensus develops that such a feature would be appreciated and on how it should work, then you'd file an official Suggestion to the issue tracker.

I had a similar problem and I was able to delete a soundfont. I'm assuming you're talking about an imported soundfont not from MuseScore but from another source which you imported to MuseScore. I uploaded a lot of them, too many, and I wanted to get rid of them. I found out how. I have to add, though, that for me it meant deleting all of my imported soundfonts.

If you go to preferences and you see the option of folders that says "sound fonts", click on that. You'll see different folders but you'll have to add a folder called "sound fonts." After you do that, delete that folder and the imported sound fonts will be removed from your sound fonts.

I hope this helps.

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