Changing octave's on the piano

• Sep 12, 2014 - 13:23

Hi. I'm working on a piano piece and am wondering how I change octaves.

I'm using Muse Score 1.3 on a mac.




"change" octave could be subject to different interpretations.

1] When entering individual notes:
Enter the note then...
Raise pitch by octave: Ctrl+↑ (Mac: ⌘+↑)
Lower pitch by octave: Ctrl+↓ (Mac: ⌘+↓)

Raise (or lower) a string of notes:
Enter the notes then...
Add the 8va-----¬, 15va-------¬ or whatever appropriate direction from the Lines palette.

Raise or lower the notes as read on a stave:
Select a different clef (One with 8, 15 above or below it).
Now enter the notes after the clef.

On the keyboard itself:
Move your hands over a bit to the left or the right.

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