Dynamics not playing back correctly

• Mar 20, 2022 - 16:16
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Dynamics are wildly inconsistent in playback. In the attached file, the bass part plays back as 'f' even after it should be 'mp'. The second and third 'f' chords sound softer than the first. In measure 6, 'p' results in a change, but the four notes starting in measure 6 are louder than the same sequence starting with the chord marked 'f' in measure 7, even though they are marked the same as the first sequence.

Starting in measure 11, I switch from staff to part dynamics. My interpretation of 'part' would be part within a staff rather than part over the system. But even if it should be for the entire part over both staves, it doesn't make sense. The bass clef part continues to sound 'f' even when marked 'mp', but the treble clef sounds more like 'mp'.

So there are lots of problems here. Also, why is 'staff' default for the first dynamic marking but 'part' is default for changes after that? Perhaps the default should always be the same as the last marking on that staff?

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"Part" is the default setting for dynamics. Always. No context sensitivity.

I don't understand why the 2nd dynamic in bass clef (mp) doesn't seem to work, others do though

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As noted, Part is always the default. You must have manually changed the first to Staff. "Part" means what it does normally within a full score - each instrument is a separate part. So, the piano part as opposed to the flute part or the timpani part.

Also, you appear to have manually set the Velocity for each note, that's why the dynamics don't seem to apply. Eg, for the repeated A in the bottom staff where the "mp" dynamic appears, you have manually set the velocity to 99, so that wins out over the dynamic, by design - the velocity override wouldn't be very useful otherwise.

In the future, please use the Support forum when asking for help using MuseScore. Then, if it is discovered that an actual bug exists, you can post that info here to the issue tracker, with a single example and precise steps to reproduce the issue.

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Probably the same way I did. I have no memory of manually overriding the velocity, so I didn't think to look for it. So, new question. Is there a way to find and remove manual overrides to velocity without inspecting each individual note? Select all doesn't show velocity anymore, since things that don't have velocity are selected. I know, I know, ask on customer support.

Or, select the range, then click Notes in the Inspector to limit the selection to just the Notes. Otherwise, it includes everything in the selection, which is why the Inspector goes mostly blank - it requires all elements to be of the same type.