Bluetooth audio on MacOS

• Apr 5, 2022 - 10:11

I bought some cheap Bluetooth headphones recently. I tested them on my main machine, and they didn't work. I was thinking of taking them back to the shop, but I tested them on my laptop - and they worked.

Reverted back to my main machine - and with MuseScore they do not work - via Bluetooth.

MMmmm. Then I thought - I tested with Youtube on my laptop, so perhaps they work with MacOS and Bluetooth. Indeed that turns out to be the case. These phones work with Bluetooth and Youtube, and other inputs - radio stations etc.

So is there something about MuseScore which doesn't like sending audio output to MacOS Bluetooth?


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Now have it working - but seems a bit haphazard and drops out periodically. Not quite sure how I got it working - perhaps just trying over and over. The dropouts are a nuisance though, and I don't think they happen to the same extent when watching Youtube videos - though they do still happen. Maybe I still need to take these headphones back to the store. Perhaps I have to make sure these are fully charged up once more.

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