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• Apr 5, 2022 - 21:06

I recently downloaded 'Rhapsody in Blue 1924' both to enjoy the playback and explore the rather exotic notation. For the most part I understood the notation and how one could use MuseScore to enter it except when it came to measures 34 and 35. I have no idea how to build the tuplets in those measures or what the slashes across the stems mean and would appreciate an explanation on how to build them. Measure 34 is attached.

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Each note is a triplet represented by the one note of the total triplet notational duration and a tremolo that shows the individual triplet notes have to be played (also hinted by the triple dots above them).

Following advice I entered the notes of the measure including what I believe to be tremolos but I've seemed to have come up a 1/16th short, the last note in the measure a 1/16th, not a 1/8th as in the original work. Attached is a screenshot.

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First enter four eight rests in a row. Then select the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of those rests and press [Ctrl] 3 to make them triplets. Next change each triplet to a dotted eight note (which will last the same duration as a standard eight note). Tidy up the beaming, add tremolo slashes (even though the are not actually tremolos, but a group of 3 x 3 short notes, as indicated by the dots). Then add in the dots and the other notes.

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The difference between our versions is that you started from a dotted 1/8th duration to create the triplet, whereas I (and the music you're notating) started from a non-dotted 1/8th. Otherwise the '3' indication would be superfluous.

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