How to select the entire part for one instrument in a three part score without selecting the other two.

• Sep 13, 2014 - 06:05

Please help!
I have a flute trio score and I need to create separate scores for flute 1, flute 2, and flute 3 because the main score is around 17 pages long. It would take a very long time to copy each individual measure from flute 1 (for example) only and paste it onto its own score, so I was wondering if there was a way to select every measure in JUST flute 1 and not 2 or 3.
Thank you to anyone who can help, it means a lot! :)


Yes, File / Parts is the way to do this, not copy and paste. Besides being a lot more work than File / Parts, copy and paste would miss a lot of important information - it wouldn't set copy titles, crescendos, voltas, key or time signatures, etc.

But for the record, selecting in MuseScore works a lot like most other programs. Click one thing, shift+click something else to select everything between, or Shift+arrow key to extend selection, or Shift+End to select to the end, etc. So quickest way to select all in one staff is Home, click first measure of staff, Shift+Ctrl+End to select to end of score.

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For people who need to quickly arrange or add parts, being able to select an entire part out of a score (start to finish) is essential. The way you suggest still does not highlight the entire part.

In Sibelius you simply click the instrument name next to the part and the entire line for that part is highlighted. Quick copy, paste, and transpose gets a viola on a violin part, or a clarinet able to read a concert part.

I hope MuseScore can find a way to incorporate this function, especially with the other information you suggested (dynamics, slurs, etc).

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MuseScore supports most of the standard ways of selecting things. For example, to select the entire content of one staff, simply click the first measure and press Shift+Ctrl+End, same as you would do in most other programs to select from any given point to the end. Or click the first measure, Shift+click the last to select everything between those points, again a standard method of selecting ranges. Not sure what you mean when you suggest it doesn't work, but it definitely does.

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On every keybaord I know of without a physical End key, FnRight does the same. Similarly, Fn+Left is Home, Fn+Up page up, Fn+Down page down. Definitely shortcuts worth knowing, not just in MuseScore but any application.

Double-click does something else that is probably more common a thing to need to do - enter Edit mode. It's also more what double-click doesn't in most other apps. So I personally would not favor breaking expectations of most users just for compatibility with Sibelius, when there is already an easy way to select to end.

I had a similar issue.I made sheet music for a song I liked as a saxophone quartet.I then turned it into a clarinet quartet and did all together 12 sets of 4. I then chose one instrument from each set for a big song and I tried to copy my original plan.Edit,select all and paste from the base of the song and found it didnt only options were to search google or copy and paste for 12 hours.long story short its done.

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