Problems with measure numbers

• Apr 12, 2022 - 17:32


I am experiencing many problems with measure numbers.

1) Individual measure numbers are not placed the same as measure number ranges. If I ask for 1sp for individual numbers Y position below, I have to ask for 0.2sp for ranges in order to have them horizontally aligned.

2) Measure number and Measure range number styles are not saved when I use "Save style" (or maybe they are saved but not reloaded with "Load Style"?)

3) Adding a measure with "Exclude from measure count" property in the score doesn't exclude it in parts, resulting in parts having measure numbers shifted by one after that.

4) The individual measure number should not show in a compressed multirest measure when the measure number range is displayed (or at least, there should be an option for that).

5) Measure numbers collide with other objects. It seems they are not taken into account for collision like some other elements are. They even collide with the treble key (using MuseJazz font)

There is nothing here that can't be fixed manually, but it is very tedious, considering that manual fixes often have to be done again when the score is modified.

Are these known problems?


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It's actually much worse than I thought. After fixing all measure numbers positions, I exported the file PDF. Then I saved the file. When I reloaded it, the measure numbers had moved on every part. This is much visible on parts with a lot of multi-measure rests, for example, the Trombone 1 part, page 27 of the PDF file. In fact, the "position below" properties for measure numbers and measure range numbers have been swapped. It was 1 and 0.2, and after saving and reloading, it is 0.2 and 1! The good news (?) is that numbers with manually adjusted positions (there are unfortunately a lot of them due to collisions) are not affected.

After testing with other values, it appears that values are not swapped, but the value for "range" is applied to individual numbers, and is replaced by 1. So 3 (individual) 2 (range) becomes 2 (individual) 1 (range).

Saving and loading styles do not have any influence on number position settings for the position below Y.

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"Position below" poperty or 1 or 0.0??? "Below" is a property of Measure number. And position of Measure numbers is 3.00, from Measure number ranges it is 1.00, no 0.2 in sight?

BTW I believe if the Y-offset for measure numbers is 1.50, it'd be on the same height as the measure number ranges, I understood that's what you wanted?

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Not exactly. I want them to be at the same level, but, but a specific level that might depends upon the score. Due to the number of collisions, some parts must have the numbers lower to avoid colliding with low notes. Parts with higher notes don’t have this problem. The position that works the best is 1.0 (mesure number) and 0.2 (range numbers). What I need is these values being preserved when saving the file. (This is an absolute must). What I would like is these values being saved and reloaded with “Save style” and “Load style”.

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The mss file does contain this:

    <measureNumberOffset x="0" y="-2"/>
    <measureNumberPosBelow x="0" y="2"/>
    <measureNumberPosAbove x="0" y="-3"/>
    <measureNumberPosBelow x="0" y="3"/>

So this mmRestNumberPos setting is getting stored in the style file, but indeed not read or set from it, the measureNumberPosBelow does work though, but ist stored in the mss twice (and the 2nd wins)

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The problem of number position style not being saved with the file is absolutely crucial because one might not notice when reopening the file that numbers have been moved, causing many collisions with other elements.

However, there is a workaround, since the number positions that have been manually modified are preserved. Only positions that have been set by configuring the style are lost. The workaround is then to position all measure numbers manually.

This is less tedious than it might seem (although still tedious!). Once all number positions that need manual adjustment to avoid collisions have been fixed, select all numbers and move them slightly, then back into their original places. Do the same for measure range numbers. All positions are now manually adjusted and saved with the file.

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