Problem importing musicxml

• May 8, 2022 - 12:28

I have a file, scanned by Neuratron PhotoScore, which I subsequently exported to musicxml format. I then opened this file in MuseScore (3.6.2).

I have met with good results with musicxml import in the past, but in this case there are some symbols present that take up space, and that I cannot remove. It seems within each measure some doubling takes place, with the second half empty. Or that is how it looks to me.

It is quite possible that PhotoScore made some errors in the export, although I do not spot them in the xml file. But I am not a musicxml expert, so it could be I missed them. But in any case, I would like to correct the problem in Musescore.

I enclose the first measures of the MuseScore import, (as a screen print) and also the musicxml file, as well as a fragment of the original score. My questions are:

  • what are the grey symbols in the second half of every measure? Note that the measure is 4/4, and the symbols appear after the fourth beat. I do not know these symbols and wonder what they mean.

  • most importantly, how can I get rid of them? The vertical-bar-plus-dot I can select, but I cannot remove them. The plus-sign I cannot even select.

Thanks for any hints on this!


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These are rests. You may delete them using Ctrl+Del. That would get rid of that + too, as that indicates a measure to be longer than what the time signature suggests

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Thank you for this quick reply!

I had tried normal select-and-delete, but that did not work. Combined with ctrl (cmd on my Mac) it works indeed.

One remaining question: I can only remove these rests one measure at a time. I tried to select all similar elements in the score, which I can, but I have found no way to delete them all in one go. Is that at all possible?

Thanks again!

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I only have PhotoScore Lite. This means that it can't read more than 12 staves per page. However, as long as I fixed the issues that PhotoScore showed, the result in MuseScore seemed to be pretty good. And there weren't that many issues.

Root cause is a missing divisions value at the start of P4 and P5. The division value is not specified until measure 35. This leads to MuseScore assuming all measures (in all parts) up to measure 35 are 6/1 instead of 1/1, which leads to extra rests (the grey symbols).

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