How to move a note to the previous or the next beat without having to re input it

• May 15, 2022 - 10:17

I mean to move the note sideways


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How would you propose to make it more convenient?

Cut and paste is a very general.method that works for ranges of notes and allows notes to be shifted arbitrary distances with just a few key presses. And it is a well tried and tested method used in many other applications, Word, Excel etc.

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So, you are proposing dragging a note to the right as a way of not only moving that note later, but also moving the subsequent note earlier? Or would you envision leaving a rest in place of the original note and then pushing everything else later? Neither situation comes up all that often really, but if a feature were to be developed around this, it would be good to understand the real world use cases involved - sample scores and exact expected results in various scenarios.

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