Lines don't stay where they are put, Automatic placement keeps turning itself back on

• May 18, 2022 - 23:37

(1) Add a line object to a score.
(2) Turn off its automatic placement property and put it where you want it
(3) do some work on the score, save it, etc.
(5) look again, the automatic placement property of the line is back on, and the line is not where you put it.

There seems to be no consistent set of steps at (3) to reproduce this problem, it seems to happen randomly. I thought it was happening whenever I would cut and paste anything within the score, but that proved not 100% reliable. Infuriating. It almost makes line objects useless.


I can't remember ever having a line move after I've placed it where I want it. I don't turn off automatic placement.

As noted, disabling autoplace should not normally be needed when moving an object, unless you are trying to move further from the staff than other objects that would normally be further still. Even so, it should work and does for me. I've never encountered a case where it doesn't, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. My guess it=s they would only occur in lines that extend across multiple systems, and perhaps the layout changes so MuseScore needs to recalculate where that system break happens. Something like that anyhow. If you are able to figure out how to reproduce this, please attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem so we can investigate further.

In any case, posting a score where you are finding it necessary for whatever reason to disable autoplace for a given line would also be useful. It could well that even if disabling it truly is necessary to move the line where you want, there may be a better way of achieving the goal (eg, choosing a different line type that is "naturally" further from the staff by default).

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Well, it doesn't cause this problem - it should never turn itself on or off without you asking it to, and it should never result in the line moving after saving. That much is a bug, probably not at all related to autoplace, but again we'd need a score and precise steps to reproduce the problem in order to say more.

But turning off autoplace without a very specific reason certainly causes other problems - collisions, bad spacing, bad alignment, the need to adjust other elements manually that would otherwise have adjusted themselves automatically, etc. So unless there is a very specific reason to disable autoplace for a given element, it's always best to leave it enabled.

I think this is the problem I am having. I posted about it before I saw this. I have lines that show the melody transfer from a part on the upper staff to a part on the lower staff so I have to turn off automatic placement. Musescore seems to randomly remove automatic placement from some of my lines and they get messed up.

This has to be a bug. How do we go about getting it fixed?

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