Empty measures with no rest

• May 28, 2022 - 09:48

I would just like to know to prevent laborous work ahead of me:

Is it possible to somewhere set that there will be nothing in all the empty measures - meaning no whole rest? Just empty stave.

Or do I have to set every one manually to invisible?



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I'm not familiar with the piece, but I'm still not understanding what makes it unique that rests would be inappropriate. Note though that some composers choose to not show these empty measures at all. And that much is common enough that MuseScore supports it directly. Just enable other "cutaway" option staff/Part Properties.

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yeah, i've noticed that "pendereckian" touch too...however what this feature needs is an option to shift the instrument name (abbreviation) right in front of the cut-out measures. otherwise in some circumstaces you need a ruler to figure out what is suppose to be playing that part. besides thats actually how it's done in these avantgarde scores anyway

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