grand staff not wanted

• May 28, 2022 - 23:10

When I create a new score with multiple instruments I rarely want a grand staff. I prefer just a straight line connecting the staffs as shown in the file "without grand staff". Sorry, I tied to put the graphics inline but was not successful. Recently, when I create a new score I get a grand staff as shown in the file "with_grand _staff". I'm clueless as to what has changed. I've searched the forums and tried most every option relating to staffs, systems etc. to no avail. How do I set up a score without the grand staff?

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with_grand_staff.JPG 25.73 KB
without_grand_staff.JPG 19.37 KB


I think when you mention "grand staff" you really mean the "bracket" - "grand staff" actually means something different (specifically, a two-staff systems used for piano). The bracket is standard notation when grouping related instruments in larger ensembles, but might not be needed if the score is just for these instruments. So, just select it and press Delete.

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