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• May 31, 2022 - 14:14

In the third measure of this hymn "O Mother of Perpetual Help" in the bass clef there is an "L bracket" before the note. Is there a way to add this in musescore?


But I question the sense of that symbol in a closed score SATB?
Except if that is used as a piano reduction at the same time, maybe even only for rehearsal.

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This is basically a closed SATB score. We can tell this by looking at the direction of the note stems (S:Up, A:Down; T:Up, B:Down); Also because the barlines of the two parts are not combined.

Vertical barlines would span the left hand part if it were written specifically for piano or organ. And there wouldn't be that much distance between the right and left hand staff.
But the editor put a mark there, thinking that it would also be played by an organist or pianist. (For use in rehearsal or as an accompaniment to the organ)

// Maybe it would be nice if the lyrics were also under the T-B section. Maybe it's hard to read in its current form.

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This is a standard layout for a hymnbook. Even if there is a choir able to sing the hymn in four parts unaccompanied, for congregational singing a piano or organ will normally be used. The curly brace only appears if there is an independent piano part to a tune sung in unison.

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