Play Chords and remove Elements Group

• Jun 7, 2022 - 20:28

Please help me enable the Musescore feature that plays chords.
Also how to I remove Elements Group?
I don't see and x to remove it.
Musescore file is in my computer, but I can't access it.
I'll keep trying.


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Thanks. The individual chord (for example E7) plays when I touch it. I want all the chords to play automatically as Musescore moves through the my lead sheet. How do I do this? If you want me to go to Inspector, please tell me how. I am now able to upload the file because I got rid of a rectangle (Inspector? Group Elements?) which was blocking my screen) Thanks

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Chord symbol playback should be on by default for all new scores. Only old scores - ones created before chord symbol playback was added last year - would have it off. According to the note on your score, this was just written today, so the chords should have played already. Did you perhaps create this by copying an older score or template? Best to update that if so.

The Inspector is normally open at all times, unless you previously closed it. If so, simply reopen it by selecting it from the View menu. Then, select one chord symbol (doesn't matter which), turn on the Play box in the Inspector, then click the "S" icon next to that control to make this the style setting that would then affect all chord symbols.

It's not clear what you mean by "Elements Group" but I guess you are talking about what the Inspector displays if you have a group of elements selected instead of just a single element. No need to remove it' you want the Inspector open. To show something more useful, simply select a single element (or at least, limit your selection to elements of the same type).

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