Inserting a rest makes the insert point jump

• Jun 19, 2022 - 20:18
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I click on a 3/4 measure and press 5. Three quarter-note rests appear, fine. But the first rest is not selected, so when I type 'C', the C is placed at some apparently random location earlier in my score. I have to type ctl-Z to fix it, then click on the first quarter note in the measure that I wanted in the first place. This is annoying.

I keep expecting the first rest in a measure to be selected when I do as described above. Isn't that what anyone would expect?


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I can't reproduce. If I do the same, the first quarter rest is selected and note entry starts therec.
MuuseScore 3.6,2, Windows 11

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Sounds like you forgot to enter note input mode before entering notes. When you press 5 from normal mode, it has the effect of changing the measure rests into rests, but that wasn't really the goal here, I assume. Sounds like you really meant to enter a quarter note C. So, first select the measure, then press N, then 5, then C. That's the way note entry is designed to work. Or, if you actually wanted the C on beat 2, then type "0" before the C to enter the leading rest.

Still, ideally, this would have worked better. The problem here is that when you pressed 5 in normal mode, the selection was lost. That is a bug - see #331106: The selection is lost when changing the length of the rest of an empty measure. The first quarter rest should really have been selected. And then when you pressed "C" (which does put you into note mode), it would have been entered right there. So fixing that bug would be good to eliminate surprises in case where people do things in the wrong order.

Because nothing was selected at the moment you entered note input mode, MuseScore tries to find the most recent place where you did enter notes, and it will continue note input there, if it is somewhere visible on screen. If your previous note input location is not currently visible on screen though, MuseScore won't jump the score there, though. It will just pick a location that is on screen, towards the top left. So I think that must have been the case here.

Anyhow, bottom line, you should always be in the habit of entering note input mode explicitly by first selecting your location and then pressing N, and doing this before you start typing duration or pitch commands.

Even out of note entry mode this works for me, select measure rest (clisk on the rest), 5, C (that C puts me into note entry mode automagically)

That's exactly what is describe here as well. It works if you select the measure rest - pressing 5 doesn't lose the selection. Only if you select the measure as described in the OP here as well as the other issue is the selection lost.