Score is completely horizontal and i want to computer to automatically scroll along

• Jun 22, 2022 - 16:26

I have downloaded a file and because it is a score with maybe six parts it is viewd as one long horizontal piece. Is this possible to be set up so that it automatucally moves along when it gets to the end of the screen?

I know if I print it off it sisix pages which I don't want to do. Any help would be great. Thanks



As mentioned, you'll need to turn "Pan score automatically" back on if you previously turned it off - use the toolbar button. This setting should normally remain on at all times unless you have a specific reason to disable it.

Also, you mention that it's current being shown horizontally, but you don't say if you actually 8want* that. What you are describing is Contintuous view. The normal default view is Page view, which shows more like how it will print. You can switch the score to that if you want, also using a control on the toolbar. That setting is saved with the score, so whoever created the score must have saved it that way.

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