There is no basic musescore 3 panel

• Jun 27, 2022 - 21:47
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Good evening!
My name is Miłosz Skrzek, I have been a user of the musescore application for about two years, currently with the latest version 3.6 and for the first time I had a technical problem in this application. I will describe my problem. When normally, as always, I entered the musesore 3 application and loaded my score / composition, I couldn't use the panel (on the right) for editing the notes and the whole score. Without this function, the muscecore does not fulfill its function. I have tried to solve this technical problem myself by closing the application and resuming, but to no avail. Then I decided to turn my laptop off and on twice, but unfortunately still to no avail. Then I checked the internet connection, but it was perfect so I still don't know how to fix this problem. I try to write scores every day, so I am asking for a quick solution to my problem, otherwise I will have to change the program for writing notes or start writing by hand.
The matter is very urgent because I am a composer and I have projects to do. To be sure, I follow a screenshot that doesn't show my compositions, I just don't show the artwork until it's finished :)
Please help me!

Regards Miłosz Skrzek


Status won't fix closed

Use the forum for such support questions.
And read the handbook
Here I guess you need View > Inspector.
Or Help > Revert to factory settings