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• Jun 27, 2022 - 21:50

I've seen help topics trying to help people increase font size which didn't help me do that.
I'm running musescore But text properties, but right click shows me only staff/part and measure properities which don't show text properties. Where's that?
also I find no menu "Style / Edit Text Style / Staff". Under Format / style I see "text line" which lets you set X/Y values for position, which doesn't help.


Don't read the 2.x handbook when looking for information about 3.x..
Format > Style > Text styles might what you're looking for. Or the Inspector and the size settings for text, and the S (Set as Style) button next to it

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format - style - text styles, being the last choice in the left-most menu opens a middle menu with ~40 choices and implies an ability to make changes using the right-most panel. That worked to change size of TITLE as 1st choice in middle menu. But it did not work to change size of lyrics, trying "text-line" and "Lyrics odd/even" and "repeat text" with no effect.
When you say Inspector and Set as Style button - I don't see those on this "Style" page - is it somewhere else?

As mentioned, seems you have a vertsion mismatch between the documentation you are looking at (which is extremely old) and the actual version fo the software you are using. But, 3.2.3 is also several years old. Best to update to the current version - 3.6.2 - and use the current documentation (what you see on this website under Support / Handbook).

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Of course, but since both handbooks are for ver. 3.6.2, they share the same content. Any improvements and extensions to the online handbook do not explain, for instance, any brand-new program features not contained in the PDF.
Punctuation/spelling corrections and page/paragraph/image shuffling of the online manual may make the PDF "outdated" but not completely useless or irrelevant. Also, PDF searchability is easier.

The OP's menu item: "Style / Edit Text Style / Staff" appears in neither of the MuseScore 3 manuals (online or PDF). Actually, and ironically, it seems that reading the online 2.x manual is what tripped up the OP.

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