Changes in layout aren't reversed upon undo

• Jul 1, 2022 - 08:49

I want to have my sheet music on as little pages as possible. Because of that, I always make many adjustments to the layout. Sometimes, it happens that a minor change in the music (like an articulation or dynamics) doesn't fit onto the given page and an additional page is automatically created. When I undo that change, it is undone but the additional page stays.


Indeed, there are occasional temporary glitches with undo here and there. Usually they fix themselves on the next edit. If find a way to reliably reproduce the problem, please attach the score and the precise steps to trigger the problem, so we can investigate. Be sure, BTW, to be on the latest version - 3.6.2. - but best to also test using a nightly build of MuseScore 4, as the issue may well have already been fixed for the next release.

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