StaffPad and MuseScore 4?

• Jul 2, 2022 - 07:44

Hi, I have invested a lot of money into StaffPad and recently part of the app stopped working. StaffPad was bought by the Muse Group and I am aware MuseScore 4 is more focused on engraving. Communication from StaffPad has stopped and users are wondering if this is related to MuseScore 4 development using the bespoke library technology. A comment was made on VI-C (VI-Control) page that David William Hearn had recorded a library for MuseScore 4.

It would be good if someone from the Muse Group keep their Staffpad customers in the loop. Everything has gone dead and this is not good. Does anyone have any idea why Staffpad has a broken 404 page and if MuseScore 4 will work with StaffPad files in the future. Why have the Muse Group not provided any information about Staffpad? Is MuseScore 4 going to replace StaffPad and if so, will it work on iOS?

Thank you

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To my knowledge there is as of yet no mobile version of MS4 scheduled, nor is there any indication as to MuseScore loading native StaffPad files.

BTW, I'm not sure what you mean by "MuseScore 4 is more focused on engraving", but for the record, the primary impetus for MuseScore 4 is improved possibilities for playback, including a fairly mysterious new orchestral library that is supposedly being developed and I wouldn't be surprised to find it's borrowing from StaffPad. There is also a secondary push for improved engraving as a nice additional goal, so maybe you heard about that?

Anyhow, as noted, there really isn't anything anyone here knows about the inner working of Muse Group as a company or what their plans are regarding StaffPad. The official StaffPad channels seem a far better place to ask. There might have been some sort of temporary glitch with the day you looked, but it seems fine now.

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