Problems with multi measure rests

• Jul 5, 2022 - 21:33

I've just finished a Big band arrengement and when I created the parts two of them (alto 2 and tenor 1) just won't create the multi measure rest properly, only a few lost ones.

I've been reading the forums here and I can't find a solution. I really tryied everything and it just won't work.

Could someone take a look to my file and see if it's possible to solve this mistery?

Thank you all!

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For some reason your alto 2 part has empty signatures in each of those measures. No idea how that happened, maybe you were trying some experiments in an effort to the key signature not to transpose?

I discovered this, BTW, by using Alt+Left/Right to navigate through the part and checking the status bar when it appeared that nothing was actually selected.

To fix it you'll need to somehow delete them all. Easiest might be to just add another instrument and copy the content into it.

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