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• Jul 7, 2022 - 00:42

Hi Marc,

thanks for replying to my query re stave spacing. I am not too conversant with transferring files for advice as you suggested and I am not sure I have done that part of the operation successfully. If it has worked , this was the result when I transposed a clarinet part of YMCA.

I did it in one sitting so there was no changes in settings between the pages yet the result was quite different. Page one is perfect yet it changed into the widely spaced format on page two.

If my link did not work, no problem. I can continue as I have been doing

Thank you


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Your score has 15 "lines" (called "systems") of music. They all won't fit on a single page, so you can put a page break at measure 56. Then, with vertical justification of staves enabled, you will get a more balanced 2 pages:

Also, if you click on the title frame, you will see some minor adjustments I made in the Inspector.

You wrote:
Page one is perfect yet it changed into the widely spaced format on page two.

Using menu item: Format > Style > Page and, with vertical justification of staves disabled, lowering the 'Max. system distance' will give you this:
As you can see, page two is no longer widely spaced, but there is a lot of whitespace at the page bottom. Try enabling vertical justification and see what happens.
Compare to the attached score in my first post above, where the systems are balanced across the 2 pages.

Musescore - like any professional editor - tries to spread things out to fill the page. So if you have one page that has less information on it than another, it will be spread out in attempt to make to take up the same amount of space, So, it's your responsibility as the editor to not have the two pages be wildly different in terms of how much content they contain. Just add a page break as suggested by Jm6stringer to balance your pages better.

If you do for some reason really need to have unbalanced pages, and prefer the extra space to be all bunched up at the bottom of the less full page rather than nicely distributed between the staves, the best way to do this is to add a spacer below the last staff and size it as desired.

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