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• Jul 10, 2022 - 01:20

I have an 8 measure score with Mandolin and Electric bass parts, and chord symbols attached to the bass part. I've not added the mandolin notes because of this error. The Key Signature is D, i.e. F# and C# . However, playback plays the Cs as naturals. I've tried highlighting the offending Cs and indicating "sharp". No change. I've done everything I can think of. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Ed

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I cannot reproduce this on my machine. All of the C's play back properly as C# for me. Have you checked with a tuner to be absolutely sure they are playing back as C natural and it isn't just an audio illusion of some kind? Or are you using any custom soundfonts? Otherwise I'm not sure what could cause that.

Click on one of those Cs and verify the pitch in the status bar:
It should show C#.

I notice you have chord symbols entered and have a G7 chord notated in measures with a C#.
Perhaps the note "sounds" like it needs to be sharped because you actually want to hear a B, not a C#. Click on a C and press the up arrow to change it. Does it sound better?
EDIT: needs to be sharped because you actually want to hear a B, not a C#.
Should read: " needs to be sharped because you actually want to hear a D, not a C#."

(Ah... yes Marc, C# sharped is D... ;-)

It plays as expected for me as well. This might be a dumb question, but how are you ascertaining the pitch is wrong? Are you perhaps comparing to an actual bass that has been tuned incorrectly? Or maybe you are using a third party soundfont that is badly out of tune for that note?

Also as noted, C# is a very strange choice for a bass note on G7 chord in this type of context. Is it also possible you meant to enter a D, and thats why it sounds strange.

If you continue to have trouble, maybe try making a screencast video using your favorite tool for that (I think most OS's come with one built in) then post a link here so we can hear what you are hearing.

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