[SOLVED]Why is the Repeat not played from the start of this Repeat symbol?

• Jul 24, 2022 - 07:15

I'm testing composing score using the repeat symbol.
It doesn't seem to work as expected for me:

When the part is repeating, it should be played from the first note on the right of the Start Repeat symbol. But when playing it using MuseScore, the part is repeated from the note ON THE LEFT of the Repeat symbol.

Why is it so?


I'm not clear on what you were trying to here, though - your first full measure is now an eighth note short. Looks like you attempted to use the mid-measure repeat to create the illusion of a pickup instead of actually creating a pickup normally (eg, by specifying it in the wizard when creating the score, or by setting the duration in Measure Properties. So even if the mid-measure repeat did work for playback, instead still going to produce a very weird doubled 5/8 bar.

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But you didn't copy it exactly. The last eighth in m. 2 is missing.
If you really like to have it as in your first post then do the following:
- first delete this start repeat bar
- select the quarter note (c) and then use 'Tools / Measure / Split Measure Before Selected Note'. You will get a normal bar.
- select this bar and replace it by the start repeat bar.

Now your second measure is only 5/8 instead of 6/8; I think that is not that what you like to have.
Select the bar, choose measure properties (by RMB) and set the duration back to 6/8. You will get a eighth rest where you should add the missing 'e' note.

A correct way to write this is:
- create a staff with your instrument(s)
- select the first bar and set the duration according to the upbeat length (here: 1/8)
- write this fist eighth note of the upbeat measure
- select the barline and choose the start repeat bar (you can do this later).
- write all your notes in the other measures ...

By the way: the tempo text should be placed on the upbeat note, different as it is done in the picture above. Otherwise it will be played with the default tempo (120 bpm of quarter notes).

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WHat I described isn't music theory, it's just basic notation.

Anyhow, I recommend looking up what a "pickup" measure is, also known as an "anacrusis" (eg, a web search for info). Then look in the official MuseScore Handbook (see Supprot link above, or the Help menu within MuseScore) to learn how these are entered. Then everything should work perfectly.

What happened here was that you didn't recognize the pickup measure and tried to isnert a repeat barlien in the middle of a normal measure. That won't work - it's contrary to how music notation works.

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