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• Aug 1, 2022 - 13:11

I have downloaded musescore from the internet for my mac book pro and I am having some problems with the program. I go to notate and the program does not automatically shift over the duration of the notes entered to correctly fit the time signature. I am using step time and not input as I have read on FAQ. I gives me the plus symbol with I continually need to correct the measure and reset it to 4/4 etc. It is very frustrating especially if I delete a note.

Another problem I'm having, is with the key signature. I have my score with Eb major and whenever I note using the shortcut, command-shift-note name, it wont add the flat. I need to arrow the note down and then a flat symbol appears which is completely obsolete because the flat is implied with the key signature.

Please help!


"I have my score with Eb major and whenever I note using the shortcut, command-shift-note name, it wont add the flat."

Having tried this out, I do indeed find a mysterious bug (I'm using MS 3.6.2 on Windows 10).
In a key signature of E-flat major (3 flats), if I use Ctrl+Shift+E [on a Mac: Cmd+Shift+E] then this happens:

a) a note inserted on the first beat in the first measure is E-natural (ignoring the key signature), which then forces later E notes inserted in that measure to be E-natural;
b) a note inserted in the second and subsequent measures is E-flat (respecting the key signature) .

That's inconsistent behaviour and definitely worth reporting in the Issue Tracker:

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Thank you! I will report it. I did try other measures to see if the problem was just the beginning, however, it did not change the problem for me. Have you noticed if this is only for this key signature? I have notated many other songs and had no issues.

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"Have you noticed if this is only for this key signature?"

All I did was to make an observation that this is a bug situation, with steps to reproduce.

I am hoping that you can now do the research (e.g. re other key signatures) and then raise a new issue in the Issue Tracker.

Your two questions are related, actually. In the first question, you are wondering why your notes keep getting inserted, but then you give the answer in the second question: you are using the shortcut Command+Shift+letter, which indeed is the command to insert. Don't use that command if you don't want to insert extra beats into the measure. Just type the letter name normally, then the notes gets added without inserting extra beats.

As to the key issue, I'm not able to reproduce it, but it sounds like someone else was able to find a specific case where this happens. If someone can post a specific score and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem, we can investigate further (and start by seeing if the problem still occurs in current builds on MuseScore 4).

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