Too much space between staves

• Aug 2, 2022 - 02:31

I would like to reduce the space in between specific staves, however none of the spacing tools seem to have any effect. The end result would hopefully have m.99 (Allegro ma non troppo) on the page 17, along with the violin solo and whatnot.

I've used vertical spacers/frames to reduce space between systems, however neither that nor the regular spacers work on the regular staves. I am also too inexperienced to mess with the spacing properties in the Style menu, and I don't even know where to start.

Both a copy of the file and a screenshot are available if anyone's willing to help!

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I can't see how merely reducing space would allow that much more onto page 17 at your current staff and page sizes. Consider, that would be 20 staves on a single page, and you don't have any pages I can see that are that full. To pull that off without literally overlapping music, you'll almost certainly need smaller staves and/or bigger paper - both settings in Format / Style / Page Settings. Your current staff size is quite big - and your current page size rather small - for a score with this many instruments. So adjusting those is probably a good idea anyhow.

That said, it's certainly possible to force things to fit. You have some frames there on page 17 and I'm not sure why - frames are for placing things in, not for spacing things, and definitely not for reducing space. So definitely you'll need to remove those. Then, to allow MuseScore to fit more staves, reduce the minimum staff and system distances in Format / Style / Page. You'll see that even set to 0, there just plain isn't room to do this without overlapping (otherwise MuseScore would be doing it). So, to allow music on different staves to be closer together than the default 0.5 sp, go to Format / Style / Score, and lower the "Minimum vertical distance" all the way into negative territory (you're telling MuseScore how much overlap you're willing to tolerate. A value of -0.5 sp works, but it looks terrible, because again, there really just isn't room.

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