MuseScore freezes when adjusting score by dragging note(s) up or down

• Aug 5, 2022 - 19:58
Reported version
S3 - Major

When composing, I will often change note pitches by dragging the note(s) up or down using my mouse. Occasionally, but frequently enough to be pretty annoying, MuseScore stops responding. The only fix is to close MuseScore (using the window's close box), which causes Windows 11 to pop up a dialog asking if I want to wait. I do not want to wait, and the dialog then states that it is reporting the bug to Microsoft (as if they can fix it).

I can then restart MuseScore, which asks if I want to restore the session. Fortunately, that session restoration usually takes me back to what I was working on, although usually missing my last few changes.


Actually, the same freeze (Not Responding) has just occurred when using the arrow keys to move notes up/down. This time, not using the mouse. Is there some log generated by MuseScore that could help debug this? I think there is a report sent to Microsoft, but do not know how to access it....

Crash logs do get created and sent, but they typically arne't very useful compared to if you attach your score and are able to give precise steps to reproduce the problem. Even approximate steps can sometimes be useful, but the score is paramount. Also know what non-default soundfonts you might have loaded in View / Synthesizer, and what audio device MuseScore is using - see Edit / Preferences / I/O.

Frequency Once Many
Reported version 3.6 4.x-dev
Workaround Yes No

I've run into this bug many times in MuseScore 3 when adjusting notes with the arrow keys and it just happened to me again for the first time in version 4.0, not sure if this is the most recent thread on this issue but thought I'd reply here and attach the score I was working on. It might have something to do with playback, it always happens whenever I'm pressing and holding the arrow keys up or down (maybe it's always down? I'll try to keep track from now on) which would make the playback have to scroll through several notes quickly. And in this case it happened when I was trying to move a tied note, maybe that's relevant? Specifically I was trying to move the second C in measure 226 of the staff labeled "III" down to a D, but I just tried and I can't reproduce the problem, it just seems to strike at random when the arrow keys catch MuseScore off its guard. But it's not a rare thing at all, I feel like this would happen to me about once a week, this was just the first time I saw it in MuseScore 4 because I just installed the new version a couple days ago.

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