Castanets - 2 barlinespan

• Aug 9, 2022 - 12:59


I am Fabiana composer to concert castanets .
Is there a new method with 2 lines ( one line is not enough) so I need to do consistent change in the musescore program to be able to write all the ringtones that I currently use to write music for castanets.

1 - 2 lines. ( high line on top , low line below)
2- ringtone for TA (sound name grave line)
3- ringtone for PI ( sound name sharp line)
4 - ringtone for TIN ( midle lines) touch the 2 castanets together, one on the other
5- ringtone for TAN ( ringtone with 2 sounds grave and sharp) 2 castanets play separately but play at the same time.

I need this change!! Can someone help me?


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