Aggresive rests

• Aug 11, 2022 - 22:27

Some background: I created a score with 64 measures, but when I entered notes in the first 28, MuseScore converted the remaining measures to one measure with a 36 rest duration. I tried breaking the 36 rests, but MuseScore didn't allow me to select the measure, it only highlighted the "36" and the measure bar. blue measure.jpg How can I get the remaining measures I want added to the score?


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Note that multimeasure rests are off by default*. If you are seeing them, you probably have accidentally pressed the keyboard shortcut M which toggles them on and off.

*Qualification of that. They are off when you first create a score but are on by default in a part that is extracted from that score. This is as it should be as the conductor's score should normally not require multimeasure rests, but individual parts will need them when nothing is happening in the part.

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