multimeasure rests

• Aug 12, 2022 - 13:53

Isnt there a way to just have a multi measure rest for like 16 bars without having to put in the blank bars to begin with? thats so tedious.


Normally those blank bars would already be there, and you'd simply start entering your music in bar 17 if that's where it starts. Presumably the other parts in your score have music during those first 16 bars, so you aren't adding adding new - you're just skipping the measure where the instrument you are currently entering doesn't play. And then when you generate the parts, the rests are set up automatically.

If for whatever reason you are not working from the full score but are instead entering a single part only, the same basic idea applies. If the music doesn't start until bar 17, simply start entering your music there, skipping the empty bars that are already there. When you are done entering the part, press "M" to toggle the multimeasure rests.

If on the other hand you've already entered the music starting at the first bar, then indeed, you need to add the new empty bars. This takes only seconds, though: select the current first measure, Add / Measures / Insert Measures (or shortcut Ctrl+Ins), type 16 into the box, Enter.

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This happens automatically when you add the double bars or rehearsal marks or key changes or whatever else you would normally do to delineate these sections. Or if you have some unusual special reason to need to break mutlimeasure rests without adding any visual reason for it (not normally recommended), you can use Measure Properties to break the mutliemeasure rest. See the Handbook section on "Measure rests" for more info.

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