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• Aug 12, 2022 - 17:41

I'm currently writing a piece for solo violin (or viola - that's yet to be decided), and I want to add these arrows, which I found in the Butterfly Lovers.
Does anyone know if this is possible? If yes, how?

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The symbols built-in to MuseScore are a function of the fonts available. The standard for music fonts - SMuFL - doesn't define a curved arrow like those (only straight ones of various types), so music fonts don't include this. If it's something commonly found in published music, it's worth contacting the SMuFL folks to request they add it, so MuseScore and other notation programs can take advantage of them easily.

Meanwhile, while they aren't part of the SMuFL standard for music fonts, they are part of the Unicode standard for text fonts. So, add a text element (staff text, fingering, etc), change the font to FreeSerif (which has a more complete Unicode implementation than the default Edwin), then double click the text to edit it, press F2 to display the Special Characters dialog, then go to the Unicode tab and select Arrows from the list of categories at left. Now click the specific arrow you want to add it to the text.

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Can you post a larger excerpt, and also a link to the information about the public, and describe what this notation is intended to indicate? Do they explain that in a key up front?

Again, if it's something standard used by many publishers, we should support it directly. but if it's a unique experimental notation just used here, I would recommend using your favorite drawing program to recreate it and then paste it in as an image. That's the usual way of supporting non-standard notations.

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Sorry, a strange typo (or maybe I'll blame autocorrect) - I meant, information about the publisher. If this a well-known major publisher, the fact they use this notation would make it a bigger priority than if it's a small one most people have never heard of.

Anyhow, all these arrows look the same size to me. Is there somewhere else they look different?

Bends are normally notated without the arrowhead, just the curved line. So most musicians will be accustomed to that, and MuseScore does support these - see the Arpeggios and Glissandi palette.

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