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• Aug 16, 2022 - 15:07

Trying to prevent measures on there own on last line from stretching.

I've set Last System Fill Threshold to 100% but the last measure still gets stretched somewhat as can been seen from the attached. I know of the workaround by appending a horizontal frame but shouldn't the 100% threshold setting prevent stretching completely ?

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All measures get stretched to some extent normally - if they weren't, your score would have a ragged right margin. So most measures are already wider than their minimum possible width. If you don't use a hozitonal frame - normally recommended in cases like this - to explicitly control the spacing in that last system, MuseScore applies a small default amount of stretch to prevent the measures on that last system from appearing narrower than the average measure.

Your score is a little unusual in that because you have so many measure crammed into that first system, they actually aren't being stretch as much they normally would, so the small amount of stretch MuseScore applies to the last system by default ends up overshooting the average.

In your score, really,. you shouldn 't be trying to make that last system narrowed. You should simply add a system break to balance the two systems better. That is, instead of 10 measures plus pickup on the first system, and only two on the second, add a break after bar 6 so it's 6+6. Or perhaps two breaks, 4+4+4 across three systems - that's actually how most professional editors would do this, since it also matches the four bar phrase structure.

Somewhat OT, but "Dirty old Town" was written by Ewan Mcoll rather than the Pogues as credited in that score. It has been covered by the Pogues and also by numerous other artists.

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