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• Aug 24, 2022 - 18:19

Hi. I'm again having problems with barlines. I can't get an initial barline all the way down the score and then the proper separation of barlines for grouping instruments. In the past, this stemmed from invisible instruments, but I don't believe that that is the case presently.

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Normally, what you describe is the default - scores would normally already have the initial barline extended all the way, then extended only within each section after that. So the question here is, what did you do to make this not happen? Also, how did you create this score? Was it perhaps started in an older version that didn't automatically handle the barlines correctly?

I'm guessing you trying selecting all barlines on the bassoon staff and then manually unchecking the "span to next staff" button, and similar for other staves, but that will have the effect you see here indeed. Instead, to check the extent of all normal barlines, just drag one.

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When you first created the score - coming right out of the "create new score" wizard - it was good, right? The initial barline connected all the staves, the barlines were connected within each section but not between sections, etc? Then you started entering notes and doing other edits, and at some point, the barlines were suddenly all messed up? Would be good to try to retrace your steps enough to remember at what point you first noticed the problem.

Anyhow, things are definitely messed up now. As mentioned, to fix, you'll need to Ctrl+click each of the initial barliens, then set the span button. If you are seeing it looking like it's already checked, that's only because it is already checked for some of them. So just uncheck it so none are spanned, then check it, and they all will be.

FWIW, there are other strange errors in this score that indicate something very unusual about how it was created or later modified - like the percussion staves having treble clefs, and one of them even having two. And if I insert a new measure at the front of the score - which does also have the effect of creating a new initial barline that is correct - you get additional spurious clefs. Also, the measure numbers appear to have all been dragged out of position to some kind of arbitrary point.

So it definitely something is very strange about this score. More information about how you created it would definitely be good.

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