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• Aug 31, 2022 - 15:28
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Every time I try to make a new score in MuseScore, there are no templates to choose when setting up the score.

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First try to revert to factory settings. If that doesn't help reinstall MuseScore (this might be one of the rare case where this could help)

Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major

(not a crash nor coruption, so not critical)
Also mention what version of MuseScore exactly (Help > About) and what Operating System

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I tried doing the factory reset, and reinstalling, and neither fixed the issue. I'm using V3.6.2.548021803, on a laptop with Windows 10. It is a work laptop provided by the school district I work for, so there may be something on my end messing with things. I'll check in with my tech guy on that, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Could be they tried installing this as a networked resource but the folder containing the templates isn't available because the network is unavailable, or because they messed up the installation.

If you use your file browser to go to C:\Program Files, do you see MuseScore 3 there? If you open that folder, do you see another called Templates? if you go there, does it contains anything?

The answer to any of these is "no", that tells me the person who set this up changed the defaults, and probably messed something up in the process. They'll probably need to fix it themselves.

I actually installed it myself. My tech person gave me admin privileges on the laptop, and he hasn't really touched it, aside from reconnecting it to the WiFi when the network got upgraded before school started. I do have that Templates folder, and it's just completely empty. I'm wondering if maybe there's something in the school network settings or firewall that messed up the download, or something...

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Workaround might be to copy that folder from a working installation into the user location on that non-working installation
Or to use the PortableApp

Yeah, I'm thinking I'll download it on my home computer and put it on a flash drive, and then just try transferring it over. I've tried redoing the download on this machine, and it unfortunately didn't help.

If that templates folder is empty - the one under Program Files, not your ow personal templates folder under Documents - it indicates a serious problem with the installation. And who knows what else might have gone wrong. Best to remove and reinstall, I think, than to try to patch things manually. That folder should have files & subfolders in it. Also check the styles folder, more bad things would happen if it were empty.