Ocarina Ranges

• Sep 4, 2022 - 21:54

OKay, so as an ocarinist, I need to mention something. Musescore has ocarinas as non-transposing, which is sometimes the case, kinda like how some brass instrument parts are occasionally written at concert pitch. However, usually, they're all written in treble clef by default. That's not a huge issue.

What is the bigger issue is you have the Bass as having the range of a contrabass, the alto having the range of a bass, the soprano as having the range of an alto. And nothing taking that soprano range.

This is a little odd, I know, as Alto is seen as the standard, and the fact that it starts at a piccolo's C (some can go down to A, or even G in rare instances) and it would be nice if this correction was just baked into the build.

Just for reference, the C Contrabass is from C3-D4 (B2-E4), the C Bass would be C4-D5(A3-E5), the Alto C is C5-D6 (A4-F6) and the Soprano C is C6-D7(A5-F7)

Double and triple Alto and bass are also fairly standard, but easy to quickly edit if the transposition and bottom range is already there.

If this could be worked on in a build, that would be awesome!


Probably no one who has worked on this knows much about the instrument, so your insight is appreciated Can you point to an authoritative reference to allow us to understand how this all works?

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The Bass is the only one written at Pitch. Sometimes the G, F, and Bb ocarinas are written at pitch, but not always. But altos are transposed at the octave, and sopranos at two ocatves, and the contrabass sounds an octave lower than written. It's also sometimes written in bass clef for some odd reason.

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Thanks Marc. That works. Never having messed with templates before, I had no idea that they are just empty score files. I thought they where some special format. There is nothing in the manual about how to create a template. It starts out with where to put templates you create. I had to guess that it starts with a score I created. That's where I stopped because I didn't know what to do next. I few lines in the manual would have been all I needed.

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Well, the very first line under Templates just above the section on where to keep them says “A Template is simply a standard MuseScore file” - maybe you didn’t scroll up to see that? The link indeed was to a place a little farther up. But feel free to edit to clarify further. Note it doesn’t have to be empty; any score can serve as a template. New scores created will still be empty.

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