Change duration of a group of notes without changing duration of rests between them

• Sep 10, 2022 - 22:27

For example, I'd like to change a bunch of bars that repeat the following: dotted eighth note followed by sixteenth note rest. I'd like to change all the notes to quarter notes, but I can't grab them all and then select a quarter note, because it will change the rests as well. Any ideas?


There is, to my knowledge, no easy sequence of steps to alter your rhythms that way. For one, they won't result in the same total duration, so either stuff needs to be shifted or needs to get eaten. And if you don't change the rests, then where should they go?

Actually, unless I'm misunderstanding, this isn't hard at all. Select the range, press Notes in the Inspector to select just the notes, then press 5.

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